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Bonnaroo 2007 2(10)


Hi!   I’m Deane Giordano, and, like you, I’m an idea fountain.  I can’t help it, it’s who I am.  Those ideas just keep gushing forth like Old Faithful.  Lucky for you, they are usually business ideas.

I used to be slightly embarrassed that I’d started over 10 businesses in my lifetime and have ideas for at least 99 others that will never come to pass.  At least not through me.  Every single one taught me something about business and about myself.  I’m not embarrassed any more about being a Learner, Input and Intellection.  Or an INFP.  Or the Secret Weapon of Mystique + Rebellion.  Knowing these things about me helps me teach my clients how to celebrate their own strengths and make the best use of them in their businesses.

Because I love business and I love learning and research and because I’ve owned successful and unsuccessful small businesses, I have a unique set of skills that allows me to understand from a soul level your business and allows me to work with you to take your business to the next level as if it were my own pride and joy.  I like to dive deep when I dive.

I am a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur and I have a vision for you.  I know you because I am you and I’ve been in your shoes plenty of times.


Did I mention I’m multi-passionate?


Here’s the short list of some of my escapades, in no particular order:

  • BREAKING NEWS!  I’m now a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer—ready to teach you the truth about how life works!
  • rode a bike across Europe–Barcelona to Greece by way of Corsica.
  • went to live in Spain without speaking a word of Spanish
  • studied french & art history
  • spent my 21st birthday on a beach in Ravenna, Italy
  • completed a 2,000 hour yoga teacher training at College of Purna Yoga in Bellevue, WA
  • built, grew and sold American Folk Art & Framing, a successful gallery a frame shop in downtown Asheville
  • started a pet food delivery service called Lucky Dog Delivers
  • got licensed as a physical therapist
  • started Still Point Yoga tTherapy
  • started Bellalulu Yarn where I blog about and sell hand spun art yarn
  • back packing in montana, california, washington, utah, north carolina, new hampshire so far
  • lived in greece for a year doing grunt work at a holistic health & fitness center, swimming in the aegean sea every day and picking wild rosemary from bushes the size of VW beetles
  • spent my junior year in france
  • hitchhiked around europe & managed to not get killed, but did get kicked out of a houseboat hostel in Amsterdam, mugged in New York and chased by drug dealers through the streets of Barcelona.  On a nicer note, while hitchhiking, got to see the Pont du Gard in France, a medieval castle in Spain, an out of the way Marc Chagall museum, the city of Avignon and treated to an amazing dinner of petits oiseaux (little birds) in Nice–things that never would have happened if I hadn’t stuck out my thumb.
  • have driven across the US 6 times so far
  • big fan of Bonnaroo Music Festival


Why do these escapades matter?


Kristi King said it best:


“I wanted to start a blog to improve my business’s web presence, but didn’t have the time or energy for consistently writing a blog post.  Thank goodness Deane was able to help me out!  She would come up with ideas and then create draft blog posts.  All I had to do was make any changes to suit my business style and vision, and then send the edited drafts back to Deane.  She would then handle adding photos, posting on the blog, etc.  Having Deane create blog posts for me has really helped free up time I need for actually running my business!”

– Kristi King, Green Earth Pet Food



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